Introduction to Gillette Fusion Manual Cartridge

There seems to be an ongoing debate between electric shaver users and regular blade users. The regular blade users insist that the shave is closer, quicker and more comfortable versus using an electric shaver. It really depends upon what you personally prefer. One of the things that you’re going to need so, if you go with blade shaving is replacement cartridges. I personally think that the shaving companies have designed all their razors so that the blades wear out quickly after one or two shapes. It’s a money maker for them. But what can we do as consumers except by more blades. So let’s do a review of the Gillette Fusion Manual Cartridge and see the good, the bad and give you an idea on where you can buy it for the best price.

The Good About The Gillette Fusion Manual Cartridge

The first thing that I like about this particular product is that you can get it for 50% off online area that’s way cheaper than going to Wal-Mart or your local drugstore to buy or use cartridges. Online stores have a big advantage because they can buy in large quantities and sell to anyone in any geographic location.

Another neat feature of this particular product is that it can come in a frustration free package. Some of these manual cartridge manufacturers wrap their blades and cardboard or plastic so tightly that you need a knife or a pair of scissors to get at them. Sometimes we don’t have those available when were trying to shave our face in the morning. There’s nothing worse than having to run down to the kitchen or the craft room or the office to grab a pair of scissors to continue your shave. Usually you have shaving cream dripping all over the place and it’s not pretty. So if you can buy them in the frustration free package you should. It’s much easier and doesn’t require any tools to get at the blades.

A third neat thing about these razor blades is that guys who shave their heads love them as well. I’m not in that category, but I know it might be difficult to find a good blade to shave your head with on an ongoing basis. One tip is to thoroughly rinse the blades when you’re done shaving so that they last longer and Well.

Finally, a lot of comments online talk about how expensive these waves can be for a refill pack. However if you buy them online at most online stores like Amazon, you can get them for 50% off. That’s a huge savings of over $30 on a 12 pack of blades. That’s why we recommend buying them there as well.

The Bad About The Gillette Fusion Manual Cartridge

The only negative reviews we could find online help with shipping issues or complaining that the price in regular stores was too high or it but that happens. Sometimes there is issues with shipping, I’m not sure why anyone would post a review on that product site complaining about shipping when it has nothing to do with the product and more to do with the company who shipping it. Also people would write a review saying the blades are too expensive and then in the same breath say that it’s okay though because there’s so much cheaper online. That doesn’t really make sense to me either but to each his own I guess.

From a performance point of view, I couldn’t find any real negative reviews about the product. These razor blades seem to work well and they have a very large following online. There is even some tips on how to make them last longer by making sure you rinse them and drive them out immediately after shaving. One person felt that the reason they tell so quickly was due to lack of care. I don’t really agree with that, I think it’s more the shaving companies have engineered these blades to fail so that you have to buy more. Brilliant strategy for them, expensive for us.

Where To Find The Best Price For The Gillette Fusion Manual Cartridge

We searched several different sites and the absolute best price at over 50% off was on Amazon. Amazon always seems to have the best prices which is why we recommend them quite a bit. If you’re a premium member you can also get free shipping on every order. Sometimes they run specials to on various products with free shipping which is cool. Keep your eyes peeled for those offers.

What Else People Buy With The Gillette Fusion Manual Cartridge

People who buy the Gillette Fusion Manual Cartridge do tend to buy the following three items as well:

This is the actual handle section for the blades and you need it to work with these cartridges. The blades actually cost a lot more then the handle. Also the handle tends to outlast the blades by years in my experience.

Written by SCHQ