Guidelines in Buying the Best Electric Shaver

When it comes to hygiene for men, the best electric shaver is a must for a clean and more masculine look. Well, looking good means girls will definitely have their eyes on you.Take into account, there are a lot of brand manufacturers that makes thebest safety razor. That’s why you have a lot of brand options to choose from.

Now remember, “old school” razors are not the “in” anymore. The reason is all about safety. Before, a lot of men acquire wounds after shaving their beard or mustache since the shaver they use have no safety features that may protect the skin as they do their regular shaving habit in the morning.

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Well using blade type razors can irritate the skin. You wouldn’t want to use an ordinary razor blade especially if your skin is sensitive.

Take into account, ordinary razors (non-electric, blade type) are disposable. This means, that after using the it (commercial plastic type) all you have to do now is to throw it on the garbage. Well, that wasting money isn’t it? Morover, you need to use shaving cream to lubricate your skin as the razor cuts down the hair on your face. Again, you have to spend more and this isn’t a good idea if you are on a tight budget. Remember, instead of purchasing shaving creams or disposable razors, it’s best to buy the best electric shaver.

If you want to have the best electric shaver then you must also know the guidelines on how to buy one. Remember, buying the best safety razor is a good investment on your part since you can use it every day after having a shower and this means a clean and good looking face.

To provide you the tips, here now are the guidelines on purchasing the best electric shaver online or offline. Read on my friend.

The first thing you need to consider in purchasing the best safety razor is the type you would want to purchase. Here are the types and its features.

Foil Shaver – This type of shaver have angle blades and it moves from side to side. The “foil blade” is made from thin metal (screen type metal – with holes).

The shaver is best used by men who have skin problems since it can easily shave the short beards or mustache without irritiating the skin at all. Moreover, it’s quite gentle to use since it slides up and down on your skin without causing any pain as it cuts the hair.

Foil type shavers have three classifications and these are:

    • Single foil – great for fine to medium facial hairs
    • Double foil – for sensitive skin and for coarse facial hairs
    • Triple foil – the heavy duty foil shaver since it can cut away fine to coarse facial hair


Rotary Shaver – This type of shaver has 3 rotary blades that’s triangular in shape. The shaver can be used with minimal noise and it can also shave facial hair in a “flawless” manner since your face will surely look clean and without any extra hair that’s “popping” out on your face.

Wet and Dry Shaver – This is one of the best safety razor. Well, it also hase three blades on top for shaving facial hair but it can also be used if in case you want to use shaving cream or water especially if your skin is irritated by dry shaving (face becomes red).

These are the best electric shaver in which you can choose from. Consider your best option and shave without any hassles at all.

Now, when it comes to the features of the best electric shaver you want to purchase, consider these details.

  1. Check out the handle of the shaver. There are lots of brands that have different handles. Meaning, these handles are customized for easy grip as you shave your facial hair.
  2. Additionally, there are shavers that has “moisturizer slots” installed that pops out as you click on the shaver. This feature will provide you a moisturized face after a clean shave on the face.
  3. One of the amazing features of best electric shaver you could find and purchase can also have a pivoting shaving head. The pivoting motion of the shaver can easily cut facial hair in hard to reach areas on the face.
  4. There are also water proof type shavers. These shavers can be used outdoors. Meaning, you can use it as you travel and it doesn’t mater if its wet since it works well even if you’ve soaked it in a glass of water.

These are just some of the features of the best electric shaver you can surely buy online or offline.

Now when it comes to cleaning electric type razors, it’s really not a problem at all simply because all you have to do is to detach the shaving head, use a razor brush and brush away the fine hairs that has stuck in the razor. Just make sure you also apply the shaving head with alcohol to disinfect the razor and to avoid it from bacteria that may multiply on the shaving blade.

Take into account, there are some electric shavers that has cleaning docks so all you have to do is to place it on the cleaning dock and it will clean it and at the same time charge the shaver. Further, to make your electric shaver cleaner after using it, place it in a dry spot on your bathroom and cover to avoid dust from clinging on to the shaving head.

Well remember, to make sure that the electric shaver provides optimum shaving performance, purchase extra shaving heads and replace the previous one every 10 – 15 months.

Purchasing the best electric shaver is indeed easy if you know the features you want to have for your unit. Also look for the best price with that’s quite easy on the budget. So to make your face looking good and without “hair blemishes” at all, avail of the best safety razor now and look handsome and clean looking!

Written by SCHQ